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Senior Stage

 Your Senior Stage Pet has now entered "middle age".  During this life stage, we focus on the early detection of disease.  This is the time of life when many pets may begin to encounter medical problems.  The earlier problems are detected, the easier they can be treated or cured.  The best thing you can do for you pet is to perform the following preventative medicine:

Biannual Physical Examinations:  This allows small problems to be identified before they become big problems.  Any medical or behavioral concerns you may have will also be discussed.  

  • Vaccinations:  We will discuss those that are appropriate for your pet. Senior Stage
  • Heartworm Prevention:  We will discuss your pet's needs.
  • Dental Care:  This is extremely important in the Senior Stage.
  • Blood Work and Urinalysis:  We recommend that this lab work be performed every year in the Senior Life Stage.  Routine testing helps to detect problems not evident on physical exam.  The trends of your specific pet can also be established.
  • Thyroid Testing:  Cats and dogs of the appropriate breed should have their thyroid tested every  year during the Senior Stage.  It is very common for cats to become hyperthyroid and for certain breeds of dogs to become hypothyroid with age.
  • Chest X-rays:  X-rays should be taken, as your pet becomes a senior.  Along with early detection of heart and lung problems, this provides a baseline normal that can be compared to future x-rays if needed.
  • Electrocardiogram:  Certain large breed dogs should have their ECG screened once every 2 years.