Sunnyside Pet Healthcare Center

47-04 Greenpoint Ave
Sunnyside, NY 11104


  Our Staff


At the Sunnyside Pet Healthcare Center, we are more than just dedicated professionals taking care of your pets. We are people who care about other people and their families. Please take a moment to get know us better.


Hi, I’m Gissel:

I’ve been in Sunnyside for 10+ years.

 I have a wonderful pup named Louis the Great,

which I rescued 2 years ago. I am the office manager and

I can’t see myself doing anything else.




Hi, my name is Michele:

I have been with Sunnyside since 2001.

 I started out as a groomer and since moved

on to a Veterinarian Assistant. I have loved taking 

care of animals since I was a little girl & still enjoy it today!




Hi, my name is Abigail:

I am a Veterinarian

Assistant. Before joining the team in 2009,

I volunteered as a groomer’s assistant in my home

country, Philippines. My passion for

animals extends from having

parents that are Marine Biologists. I decided to

pursue domestic animal care to apply the values

I learned from growing up in a nature environment.




Hi, I’m Johanna:

I’m currently working

my way into Veterinary medicine hoping to

 become a veterinarian for exotic animals.

I love being around animals and taking

 nice pictures of every animal I meet.

I love going to zoos, aquariums and museums

to learn more about different species

and their environments





Hi, I’m Shakiya:

I am the Head Receptionist

and I’ve worked in SAC for 2 ½ years. I recently

moved from DC to NY to continue my studies at

Queens College. I love playing with

our office cat, SQUINTY. My greatest joy is

 helping our kittens find homes through

our adoption program.




Hello my name is Kristian:

I've been in the medical field for almost 7 years.

I started at an Internist office when

 I first moved from

 Buffalo. Since then I’ve moved on and

fallen head over heels for animals.

I never thought I'd end up at a

Vet's Office, but I'm glad I did.

Now I finally have a little one and his name is JerryCat.